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You’re busy running an organisation – so leave the cyber security to us.

From Managed Security Services (MSS) to Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Privilege Access Management (MPAM) to Managed Cloud Services and Endpoint Management – the pattern is clear: when it comes to defending you against cyber threats, it’s on us, 24x7x365.

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Your cyber vulnerabilities exposed – before they expose you.

Penetration Testing, combined with Threat Modelling, Perimeter Assurance and Testing, User Awareness Testing, and simulated attacks, are just a few examples of how we highlight your security weaknesses before attackers exploit them. Expert, actionable advice on next steps is all part of the process.

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  • Protecting your organisation from internal threats

    Even advanced security systems are vulnerable to an insider – through malice or incompetence – opening the door or sharing information with outside actors. While many organisations’ IT departments focus their efforts primarily on hardening the organisation against external attacks, failing to understand “insider threats” can render these efforts meaningless.

  • Top five cyber security concerns: Are you protected?

    Cyber risk must be articulated as a fundamental business risk and regularly reviewed at board level. Yet in many organisations cyber is still considered a risk the IT department will address, despite the existential threat for the entire business that a cyber-attack poses.


    Cyber security specialist, Reliance acsn, has recorded a 36 per cent increase in revenues in 2021.

  • The Continued Rise of Ransomware: How to protect your business from an attack

    Ransomware has dominated the cybersecurity news agenda in recent months, following a spate of high-profile attacks against critical infrastructure.

  • REvil retreat?

    You may recall in June we speculated that ransomware would be on President Biden’s agenda when he met President Putin in Geneva. We suggested that ‘the Biden administration is likely to use the opportunity to put further pressure on the Russian government to assist in closing down the criminal networks benefitting from ransomware attacks’

  • The Cyber News Roundup

    A look back at news, views and more over the past couple of weeks, taken from our last Cyber Security Insights newsletter and other sources. Catch up on the latest threats, research, advice and events – in fact, all things cyber - at your convenience. What's New? Casting the net wide REvil group targets over [...]

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