EPISODE 2: When what’s ‘out there’ is already ‘in here’…But your security software doesn’t know about either of them.

REELING FROM INFECTION BY UNKNOWN THREAT VARIANTS, A MAJOR U.K. ENTERPRISE MISSES WHAT THE ATTACKERS WANT NEXT: CREDENTIALS Reactive, not predictive – an attacker’s paradise.The Head of IT’s story Head of IT, Tasneem, was battling a highly visible internal crisis: the appearance on employees’ screens of a ransom note holding the business’s data hostage, with...

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Supply chain attack: what NCSC has said, what few are admitting, and what you need to know

“A series of high profile, very damaging attacks on companies has demonstrated that attackers have both the intent and ability to exploit vulnerabilities in supply chain security. This trend is real and growing. So, the need to act is clear.” – National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) There could hardly be a clearer assertion of supply chain cyber...

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DELT appoint Reliance acsn for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services

Shared services specialist Delt (www.deltservices.com) delivers a wide range of key services, including IT, Payroll, HR and Print Services, to a rapidly growing portfolio of public sector customers in the South West, including NHS England, the regional Clinical Commissioning Group, Plymouth and Torbay Councils, Plym Academy Trust, and many other vital healthcare, education and community...

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EPISODE 1: When what’s ‘out there’ is already ‘in here’…But your security software doesn’t know about either of them.

A TRUE STORY OF UNDETECTED INITIAL INFECTION BY UNKNOWN THREAT VARIANTS – AND HOW IT HELD A MAJOR U.K. ENTERPRISE TO RANSOM He didn’t spot the threat and neither did the software. Chris’s story* “Funny, I don’t recognise that invoice. Still, I’d better get it out of the way – I’ve got loads to get...

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Introducing the Buyers’ Guide to Managed Security

Buyers of managed security services are faced with global and local companies offering a massive range of capabilities, often with conflicting terminology and claims. That’s why Reliance ACSN was asked to contribute to the Managed Security Forum “Buyers’ Guide to Managed Security”. The report sets out to map services into basic, core, advanced and complementary, and offer...

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