Hybrid MSP trends: Why European businesses are partnering with MSS Providers to improve the effectiveness of their IT security

In the face of WannaCry, NotPetya and numerous other high-profile data breaches, European businesses are seriously evaluating how they manage their cyber security. Businesses are looking for services that succeed in safeguarding critical data, but work across all the business and IT needs. There are still barriers to overcome and buyers will remain to be…

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When will cybersecurity become invisible and painless?

The Holy Grail of cyber security is that one day it will become invisible and 100% reliable. Obviously we are some way off from that point at the moment. A recent survey on current awareness of cyber security issues and technologies demonstrates just how far. In March this year, the Washington based Pew Research Center…

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Hello computer, are you secure?

When Amazon unveiled its little Echo Dot device in 2015, it ushered in the kind of paradigm shift in computing not seen for decades. Suddenly you could get things done just by asking. No mouse, keyboard or screen – no wires! Spend any length of time with one of these wonders (now copied by both…

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Is it time to realign, or even retire the role of the CISO?

For some time we have accepted that effective business security, data privacy and compliance requires a Chief Information Security Officer to act as the lynchpin between the IT security functions and the company board. It was the CISO that ensured that security was a “boardroom issue”, and this mantra has stuck. The concept started in…

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