Code and Build Review

It’s important to verify the security of your application source code, and then make sure that the master image that’s used to configure your servers, workstations, and other network infrastructure can’t be used to undermine your security. Both actions are vital in a world where data is becoming more dispersed across devices and systems (especially if you rely heavily on IoT, and your people work from home or on the go) security breaches can result in huge fines as well as reputational damage.

Literally, our Pen Testers look at everything. As you’d expect.

  • We review code across the Software Development Lifecycle
  • As you grow and/or add other businesses or affiliates, we assess their code before it becomes native
  • Our research department looks at all codebases including; Linux kernel, Java, Microsoft, NET, Mozilla, Firefox, Edge, Chrome etc.
  • When you build, we test
  • We analyse patches to ensure they’re done correctly (or done at all)
  • We harden your server environment, assessing configurations
  • We assess all hardware from every manufacturer