User Awareness Testing

Enable your people to be your first line of defence

Reliance acsn’s User Awareness Testing helps transform one of the most effective, most frequently exploited attack routes into your organisation – your people – into an engaged, vigilant security ally. With more than 90% of cyber attacks traced back to human error, awareness testing is a vital element in your overall security posture – and we are highly experienced in delivering it.

The unique value in our User Awareness Testing

  • Systematically test and retest users– We work with you to identify risk in your user population, and schedule regular testing for and across these groups. No one-offs!
  • Realistic methods, objective results – We construct flawlessly simulated phishing emails, tailored to individuals and business areas, and record every open, click and interaction.
  • Strengthen security posture and compliance – Clear reports enable you to identify and address individuals’ need for further education, and to evidence regulatory compliance.
  • Secure revenues, boost resilience – Protects your people, from front desk to boardroom, from attacks that could devastate your productivity, your financials, and your reputation.