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Following recent Government advice on social contact, organisations are transitioning quickly to remote work, enabling staff to work from home with minimal disruption to the business. This is placing IT departments under mounting pressure to deliver and support remote networking at speed and scale.

Organisations recognized that this transition may open their networks to dramatically increased cyber risk but may feel they have very little choice but to accept these risks in order to keep their business running.

Cyber criminals and threat actors are adept at taking advantage of changing circumstances, particularly in a crises. They identify and exploit the new vulnerabilities that inevitably emerge. They are past masters at capitalising on fear and panic, the distraction of pressure, to manipulate users to do things that they would not usually do through, for example, phishing attacks.

It is critical that security continues to work for and enable your business and with your people, flexing to defend your assets and enable your business to operate seamlessly in times of crisis.

IT departments are under unprecedented pressure

The need to balance ‘business as usual’ with cyber defense has left many businesses vulnerable to attack as the business requirement will have to be delivered at speed in order to ‘get it done’.

This has opened up new challenges as many staff, such as Finance or HR, who require access to sensitive data are often not authorised to work outside the office.

Security must address and manage these challenges, supporting both the business and its people so that they continue to operate, without impact from cyber criminal activities.

Your remote security needs to be as effective as your traditional security

The threats faced by a remote network are not dissimilar to those faced by traditional networks. Businesses can counter many of the security issues (threats) by having a clear and precise picture of their entire network and all devices connected to it.

Reliance acsn can help to achieve this through our Remote Security Assessment.

We’ve designed and built this service with the same approach we use in traditional networks, but with the scalability and flexibility to give you the same awareness and information that you’re normally used to.

Your assessment will identify the gaps in your cyber defense, that’s the first step to:

  • see every user and every device connected to your network
  • identify when unknown or new devices connect to your network
  • detect threats and IOCs across all end-points connected to your network
  • control the people risk, giving “physical access” style governance that knows if you’re there, even when you aren’t
  • continue to educate, test and evidence the continuous improvement of cyber defence in your organization, no matter where the people are located or how they are working

A clear path to action

The most effective way to defend your business is to ensure your end-points are up to date with the latest patches. With employees working remotely, however, ensuring all end-points connected to your network are up to date, becomes increasingly difficult.

At RelianceACSN, we partner with Tanium, the leading experts on unified endpoint management, with a platform that works at unparalleled speed and flexibility, to map and secure your endpoints. This enables our cyber security experts to see everything and respond rapidly across to inform a client of issues that have been identified.

Our Remote Security Assessments, running for 14 days, to provide you with:

  • visibility of all end-points connected to your network
  • what vulnerabilities those end-points have
  • recommendations for quarantining and remediation

And we’ll work with you on the results to enable you to build a strategic defensive plan, where fixed, remote or transient assets are defended according to the risk, rather than the location; enabling you to manage your remote network with the same assurance that you do your traditional one allowing you to focus on your business while we make sure it remains secure

If you’d like to learn more about our remote security assessment, then please get in touch today.

For more information, you can download our datasheet or contact our cyber security experts on +44 (0)845 519 2946

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