News / Has cyber threat CryptoLocker held you to ransom yet?

Trojan horse malware targets any computer running on Microsoft Windows in a ‘cryptography blackmail’ attack.

Reading the Saturday supplements at the weekend, it doesn’t take much to distract a techie from the homes & gardens section. When we see words like ‘blackmail’ and ‘cryptography’ in the same paragraph it immediately set our pulses racing.

We have been fascinated by CryptoLocker, which is aTrojan horse malware (not a virus!) that surfaced in late 2013. It’s a form of ransom-ware that can target any computer running on Microsoft Windows.

Poor Sarah Flanders, a 35-year-old charity worker from North London, opened-up an apparently benign email from her bank labelled as only to find it contained software that immediately began encrypting every file on her computer. A frightening message then appeared on her screen demanding $300 to return them – she refuses to pay (and who’s to say there is any point paying criminals and then expecting them to be honourable) and so she has almost certainly lost her files.

Many people have been hit by CryptoLocker and so this proves that current public/private key cryptography is virtually unbreakable. Wow! Can this really be true? Is it really the huge problem that everyone thinks? We are not so sure and so we’re going to do some digging to find out more.

It almost goes without saying (well, we say ‘almost’ because we have to repeat ourselves rather a lot) that your important information must be protected and backed up. If it isn’t then you are simply inviting trouble and your data can be lost forever.

If you need any help with making your organisation or your staff PCs more secure then please get in touch with us.

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