VCISO Services

Continuous improvement of your cyber defences

Reliance acsn’s VCISO Service help you to establish, maintain, review and improve your organisation’s information security strategy. Our VCISO experts work hand-in-glove with your in-house teams to shape, reshape, and communicate security change, in line with your business strategy and priorities.


The unique value in our VCISO Services

  • Highlights your current security posture, assessing your current control capabilities and effectiveness and whether they map to your business strategy and priorities.
  • A clear action plan – Our VCISO experts work with your key stakeholders to develop and agree a security improvement roadmap, with clearly prioritised, business-aligned actions.
  • Managed implementation, measurable results – We oversee the delivery of security improvement that is tied to measurable and clearly defined KPIs. No vanity projects!
  • Effective communication and reporting, at the right level of frequency and in agreed format, ensuring stakeholders receive relevant information for timely decisions and actions.
  • Cost-effective – We work with the people, resources and assets you already have, to release additional value from them, and ensure greater overall ROI.