Wireless Network Testing

A hacker is, by definition, an unauthorised user, so we look for ways to hijack your Wi-fi at the locations where you provide it for your people and visitors. It’s the most obvious way for a hacker to get through your defences. So, obviously, we look for vulnerabilities.

Wi-Fi for the privileged few

Wi-Fi is fundamental. But it’s also problematic. You will have one network for your people and perhaps one for visitors, and enforce strict password protocols. But people get careless with passwords and hackers thrive on hijacking networks. Our Pen Testers are experienced in finding vulnerabilities out of ‘thin air’.

  • Our Pen Testers turn up and try to take down your Wi-Fi
  • They find areas where the signal bleeds out of your premises – and try to hack it there
  • We test for unauthorised devices currently accessing your Wi-Fi
  • We test passwords for their strength
  • We also look at human behaviours
  • We create a Wireless Network Report with all our findings to generate decisive action